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by Pennsylvania Registered Office LLC

Pennsylvania Registered Agent: Commercial Registered Office Providers

$49 Per Year: No Hidden Fees, No Hassles

When you start a business in Pennsylvania, you are required to appoint a Pennsylvania registered agent (also called a Commercial Registered Office Provider). Your Pennsylvania registered agent accepts legal correspondence, such as service of process, on behalf of your LLC or corporation.

A Pennsylvania registered agent must maintain a registered office within the state where this correspondence can be delivered.

We are the most dependable and highly-trusted Commercial Registered Office Providers in Pennsylvania. Our local registered office is located in Erie, where we employ local Pennsylvania corporate filing experts, legal staff and CPAs that handle thousands of business filings for our clients every year.

What is a Pennsylvania Registered Agent?

A Pennsylvania registered agent accepts legal correspondence, such as service of process (notice of a lawsuit), as well as official notifications from the Department of State, on behalf of businesses in the state of Pennsylvania. A PA registered agent must be appointed by every LLC and corporation that operates in the state.

When documents are accepted by a Pennsylvania registered agent, they must be forwarded to the proper client in a timely manner.

What is a Registered Office?

A registered office is the physical address where a Pennsylvania registered agent is located. Every PA registered agent must maintain a registered office within the state.

A Pennsylvania registered office must be a physical location. It cannot be a PO box.

What is a Commercial Registered Office Provider?

A Pennsylvania Commercial Registered Office Provider (CROP) is simply another name for a Pennsylvania registered agent. These are the same positions and provide exactly the same services.

Who Can Be a PA Registered Agent?

When you start a business in Pennsylvania (or register an out-of-state company), you can appoint any of the following as your Pennsylvania registered agent:

  1. A commercial agent (like us)
  2. An individual (such as a friend, family member, or business partner)
  3. Another business entity (an LLC or corporation that doesn’t specialize in registered agent service)

Your PA registered agent must be either a resident of the state (if an individual) or a business registered to do business in Pennsylvania. They must also maintain a physical address within the state (not simply a PO box).

Which Should I Choose as My Registered Agent?

Each choice for a registered agent depends upon the unique situation of your business. For example, do you have a physical location within Pennsylvania? If you are an out-of-state business with no local office, you will likely need to hire a commercial agency.

Also, how comfortable are you with having a friend or family member take responsibility for accepting legal documents for your business? If you appoint an individual, they must be at their registered office address during regular business hours, otherwise they might not be there to accept your documents.

Appointing an entity, like a law firm or CPA, might seem like a good idea, but it is worth remembering that these businesses do not specialize in registered agent service. They generally act as Commercial Registered Office Providers only to make a few extra bucks on the side. As their client, you will not be considered a significant investment.

What Are the Ongoing Costs?

We charge $49 per year to act as your Pennsylvania Commercial Registered Office Provider. Many agencies suck you in the door with the promise of low prices only to hit you with higher fees and hidden costs later on.

We don’t.

Our price never goes up, and we have no additional fees, no forwarding fees, and no fees if you exceed a specified number of documents per year. Just $49. That’s it.

You can cancel service at anytime. We do not hassle you about cancellation, and we refund your money if you are unhappy with our service.

How Do I Change Pennsylvania Registered Agents?

You can change your PA registered agent at any time by filing a Change of Agent form with the Department of State. There is a $5 filing fee.

If you already have a registered agent and are looking to change to our service, we can file the Change of Agent form on your behalf.

Why You Should Hire Us:

  1. Quality Local Service

    We are not some corporate giant with thousands of employees and a central corporate office in New York or Delaware. Our team is small, knowledgeable and dedicated. Our entire business model depends not upon a numbers game, but customer satisfaction. When you hire us, we guarantee that you will always receive quality, friendly, dependable service year after year.

  2. Pennsylvania Business Presence Package

    We give you everything you need to establish your business presence. Our service includes a business domain name and website, a business email at that domain, SSL service for website security, and local phone number and direct business line to use on your own device by simply going online or using our iOS or Android apps.

  3. Same-Day Document Delivery

    When it comes to service of process, speed matters. You need to know about the lawsuit filed against your company so that you can properly respond in a timely manner. At our PA registered office, we have created a simple, fast electronic system for uploading your documents immediately the same day they arrive. You are notified immediately, ensuring that you know about your documents and have access to them as quickly as possible.

  4. No Worries, No Hassles

    Serving as your own registered agent in Pennsylvania can be tiresome for most business owners. Maintaining a physical address, keeping regular business hours, no non-government vacations, and accepting notices of lawsuits in front of clients…who really wants all that? By hiring us, we take all the hassles and worries out of the equation. You just get fast, reliable, affordable registered Commercial Registered Office Provider service.

  5. Avoid Junk Mail & Solicitations

    If you’ve never owned a business before, it’s hard to imagine all the junk mail and solicitations you receive. Most of the junk (both mail and calls) come from telemarketers finding your information in the public record. By hiring us, we can keep your information out of the public record. Instead of you getting a flood of junk in your mailbox, we will get it at our office and dispose of it, making your life just that much easier.