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502 W 7th ST, STE 100, Erie, PA 16502 | (610) 456-2133
by Pennsylvania Registered Office LLC

Registered Agent Service in Pennsylvania

Our Business Model

Our business model is simple: excellent service at an affordable price.

How do we achieve this? By hiring knowledgeable team members that are committed to one-on-one service with each and every client. By answering the phone whenever our clients call. By being personable, friendly and helpful. By responding to emails in a timely manner. By living up to our guarantee: no hassles and no worries.

And by not charging you an arm and a leg. By not slipping in a bunch of hidden fees. By not suckering you with one price only to hit you later with a different one. By always being open, honest and transparent about what you’re paying for.

We don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Sign Up Now & See the Difference

When you sign up for any of our services, you will immediately be logged into your personal online account. We designed our digital client portal ourselves, not because we’re tech geniuses (although our tech team is pretty stellar), but because we realized that no one was offering a client system that could do what we needed it to do. So we built our own.

From your online account you can manage all of your service of process, legal correspondence and other business documents that we accept on your behalf. We scan these documents right into your account the same day they come to our office. They are stored in your account indefinitely, so you can always access them whenever you need.

We also give you the tools you need to build your entire online business presence. Our Pennsylvania Business Presence Package includes a business domain name of your choice, a website and email address at that domain, SSL for website security, and a direct line to a local, Pennsylvania phone number you can use with an internet connection or our iOS or Android apps.

You can also order additional business filings throughout the life of your business. Need to make an amendment to your formation documents? Change your business address? File your decennial report? Every filing you’ll ever need is right there in your account. You can fill them out on your own anytime, or you can hire us to prepare and file them for you.

More Than Just a Registered Agent

We take customer satisfaction seriously, which is why we offer more than just PA registered agent service.