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by Pennsylvania Registered Office LLC

Pennsylvania Foreign LLC Registration

Pennsylvania Foreign LLC

If you run an LLC based outside of the state of Pennsylvania and you want to operate in Pennsylvania, you will register your limited liability company as a foreign Pennsylvania LLC. Once filed, the Corporations Division of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State will issue a Pennsylvania Certificate of Authority for your LLC.

As your registered agent, we can register your out of state Pennsylvania LLC for the state filing fee plus $100.

OR, you can do the filing yourself, and just hire us as your Pennsylvania registered agent. All foreign Pennsylvania LLCs will require a registered agent. You can have this service for $49 a year.

After you sign up for our Pennsylvania registered agent service, you will be logged into your client account online where you’ll find the Pennsylvania foreign LLC form you file with the Corporations Division of the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.

After taking a look at the forms we include in your client account, if you do not want to actually do the filing yourself, you can click on the add services tab in your online account, and let us submit your filing for you for the state filing fees plus $100. As part of that service, we will also obtain the proper documentation from your home state, where your LLC was originally formed, that is needed to register you correctly with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State.